Animal Mints Strain


Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica.THC: 25% – 32%

Animal Mints is totally it. This baby packs a super sweet minty cookie flavor into each and every toke, with a lightly nutty vanilla exhale. The aroma is of earthy pine with a hint of sharp mint and pungent diesel, all wrapped up with a notable cookie effect as the nugs are burned. The Animal Mints high is just as delightful as the flavor, with long-lasting effects that are perfect for kicking back after a long and stressful day.



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Buy Animal Mints Strain.Animal Mints strain is a hybrid that combines the effects of Indica and Sativa giving you a well-rounded and perfectly balanced trip. This strain produces that weird effect that is relaxing and energizing all at once, a kind of trip that comes in waves, and each of those waves is different. It’s hard to really describe the kind of trip you are going to get, what I know for sure is that this is going to be a great experience you would cherish, and you would also want to smoke on those Animal Mints again. It truly is a marvelous weed, so let’s talk about it in more detail.

Medical issues can take their toll on even the strongest of people, and sometimes potent cannabis is the only thing that gets the job done. Animal Mint will relieve users of anxiety and depression quite naturally, as trying to form any complete thoughts are a huge challenge. Similarly, physical ailments including migraines, insomnia, and even difficulty maintaining an appetite can all be aided with a few tokes.

Given that she’s powerful beyond belief and brings a plethora of flavors to your smoking experience, it’s only natural to want Animal Mint as a part of your home garden.

Aroma,Flavor Appearance of Animal Mints Strain

The thing about cannabis strains with minty flavor profiles is that they tend to taste of nothing but mint. Due to the overpowering nature of mint, all of the other, more delicate notes become lost in the intensity of mint. This isn’t true with the Animal Mints strain, as its other aromas somehow manage to break through the thick, sticky cloud of mintiness.

You will notice a very apparent whiff of cookie dough, raw and sweet. To perplex you even more, there is also just a little bit of diesel. In keeping with at least some of its genetics, it also boasts just a hint of pine on the very back end of the aroma.

Most cannabis strains have a slight difference between their aroma and their taste. Something about the oxidation of the smoke on your tongue alters the flavor profile, usually making the flavor radically different from how it smells.

Once again, Animal Mints is an exception to this, as its flavor is almost eerily similar to its aroma. You will notice the same flavor profiles, in virtually the same pattern. Some diesel will hit you on the exhale and a small amount of pine at the same time, leaving you feeling thirsty and a little bit dry.

The buds of this strain are surprisingly attractive. When a strain is uniquely filled with flavor, it is usually because of an excess quantity of trichomes that dot the surface.
While normally pleasant, too many trichomes can make the bud look hairy. However, Animal Mints manages to look more fluffy than hairy, almost cute in its cotton candy-like appearance.

There is an excellent quantity of resin as well, denoting its huge THC concentration, and clearly lets you know that it boasts a potent THC load and plenty of flavors as well.

Possible Effects of Animal Mints Strain

The effects of Animal Mints marijuana strain are diverse and even unpredictable. Most smokers report a relaxing effect, a strong couch-lock, lightness in the head, good mood, good appetite, and some sporadic bursts of energy. So, you can expect a trip of high potency and mixed-effects:

Energy bursts
Good Appetite
Basically, what you are going to feel is a boost of positive emotions, a strong desire to stay where you are and be comfortable in that place, bursts of laughter, bright ideas, and creativity bursts. That weed is perfect for a chill session with some of your good friends – grab some snacks, something to drink, and find some good music or movies to relax to.

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